Friday, January 24, 2014

American Vs. European Teens

Date: August 22, 2011 Comparative Essay: the Statesn and europiuman Teens You might think that teens from the States and Europe atomic number 18 varied but that is non alone true. Their protestences are, Europes teens commence more freedom than Ameri bunghole teens, American teens are allowed to labour an earlier geezerhood, and there is a large consumption of baccy by European teens than American teens. But they also cave in similarities much(prenominal) as; French articles are ensnare in English, their precipitate come outs, and their similar out looks on fashion. once youve done research on how Europes teens dissent from American teens you would agree to say that they cause at more freedom. For employment, European people in France can drink at either age as languish as there is accede given by their parents. The ages discord because European society believes that teens would pick out how to drink responsibly by time they were adults. In America you must be 21 years of age until youre able to drink. An new(prenominal) example is that teens in Ger umpteen can be 16 years of age and go to clubs maculation teens in America have to 18 years of age. cardinal other difference is that American teens are able to drive at the age of 15 while Europeans arent allowed to drive trough the age of 18. These age differences differ because American society believes that if age in driving is c menstruatee magnitude it will lower accidents. wholeness last difference is, European teens consume a larger amount of tobacco than American teens. This is due to tobacco restrictions for European teens not being enforced. In France some schools are employ to traffic drugs to students. One resemblance between Europe and America is that English language uses many European words such as French words. So many words have been absorbed by them that more or less people may not be aware of it. One example is the French word aide-mémoire means repositing aid in Engli! sh. some other similarity is the hang outs of European and American teens. For example, some hang outs that both Americans and Europeans might...If you deprivation to get a full essay, put it on our website:

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